• Active online and offline promotion

  • Showrooms

  • Network of key customers

CEPR knows exactly where to find potential key accounts in Russia. Our membership in the Russian Engineering Union as well as our direct contacts with over 1000 Russian customers – plants and production companies from the aerospace, automotive and railway industries – will ensure access to your target group on the Russian market. Our professional team of sales and marketing managers will actively promote your products and provide them with an online and offline presence for the best possible customer approach in Russia. 




  • Assembly and installation

  • Service and maintenance

  • Consultation and training 

  • Product integration

  • Production support

Providing technical support to end-users abroad can often be excessively cost-intensive for European equipment manufacturers. Our professional Russian service staff will cut your costs and keep your customers happy thanks to the superior quality and speed of our services. Our well-trained service team has experience in servicing and repairing almost all types of modern metalworking equipment.




  • Delivery and customs clearance 

  • Warehouse storage 

Would you like your goods to always be delivered on time and at an optimal cost to your Russian clients? CEPR makes it possible. Thanks to our logistic partners in the EU, collaboration with the best Russian freight forwarders and years of experience in importing and exporting goods, we are able to offer full logistical support and undertake transport tasks of any complexity (oversized loads, express shipments, replacement deliveries etc.)




  • Staff search and recruitment

  • Internal HR management

  • Interim management 

  • Employee leasing

Do you need professional managers or service staff for your Russian service centre or subsidiary? You decide who your ideal candidates are, we do the rest – finding and hiring personnel in Russia in full compliance with Russian labour law. CEPR will also provide your Russian staff with further required HR support and take care of internal HR management.




  • Legal consultation

  • Accounting services

  • Tax consultation

Starting a new business abroad means dealing with many formalities and, as a rule, requires detailed knowledge of local laws, tax regulations, accounting standards etc. With CEPR as a competent consultant on your side, you can concentrate on your global goals and development strategy in your new business location – Russia. We will take care of all the legal formalities and offer you a full package of services to establish and ensure the successful launch of your representative office or limited liability company in the Russian Federation.